There are 2 different types of Hilotherapy device available:
Clinic – a larger device aimed at hospitals & clinics
Homecare – a smaller device ideal for use at home or on the move.

Both devices are very simple to use with full instructions provided (click here for link to user videos/information-downloads ) and both are available to either rent or purchase.

There are many devices being used in both NHS and private clinics and hospitals throughout the UK. These hospitals and clinics tend to use Hilotherapy following

procedures that they have carried out for their patients. As this list is always increasing, please contact us to see if your chosen hospital or clinic is providing Hilotherapy.

Alternatively you are able to hire 
equipment for use at home, starting with rentals from just one week. Please click here/rental-information for further information about our rental service or contact us to discuss the best solution for you to access Hilotherapy.