Hilotherapy is highly effective at reducing pain, swelling and bruising following foot or ankle surgery by precisely cooling the affected area. Hilotherapy provides controllable, targeted treatment which can be applied for prolonged periods of time unlike ice. This helps our patients to a faster and more comfortable recovery.

Below is feedback from a few patients who used Hilotherapy Homecare following their bunionectomy procedures;

'The Hilotherapy unit has been invaluable in reducing my daughter's pain and swelling following her double Scarf Akin osteotomy. It is brilliant pain relief and we could highly recommend it.'

'The unit arrived as promised and was set up within minutes. Although I had expected a good natural method of pain relief and swelling reduction after extended use, immediate results were palpable. By day 2 pain relief use had been reduced by a quarter and by day 3 to zero. Swelling outside the dressing has gone. I am delighted with the results and wish I had hired a unit for the first surgery on my other foot.'

Hilotherapy has also been used for achilles surgery including that of Northampton cricketer Alex Wakely. You can read a full reference from Alex in our sports testimonial section and other foot and ankle surgery and injuries. For arthritis and other persistent issues