HTP1 user information: Please click the photo on the right to watch the tutorial

Homecare user information NB: The video below shows an older style device which is de-aired using a white connector. Please use the green button to de-air your device as detailed in the written user instructions

Clinic user information

HTP1 user instructions /download/568cf50c-17b5-11e8-84e4-83451d8738e5/

HTP1 malfunctions and troubleshooting /download/6f29c21e-17b5-11e8-a3a6-3f590a1f6b6f/

HTP1 manual /download/827d5314-17b5-11e8-95b0-c9f3f2a68245/

Homecare user instructions /download/9e961cfa-17b5-11e8-9db7-c9f3f2a68245/
Homecare malfunctions and troubleshooting /download/b63c19b0-17b5-11e8-84a4-15bf6f7b9d18/
Homecare manual /download/d21053a3-17b5-11e8-8d2c-c9f3f2a68245/

Clinic user instructions /download/0deb0247-17b6-11e8-b551-5f2d785a0027/
Clinic manual /download/413cda8f-17b6-11e8-b5fa-c9f3f2a68245/