Hilotherapy, as a solution, results from the knowledge gained by the medical profession regarding the healing processes of injured and/or traumatised tissue.

The Medical Basis
Knowledge about the role of oxygen supply and the supply of nutrients
Oedemas and haemorrhages obstruct the oxygen and nutrient supply of the affected tissue considerably. Thus one suffers from circulation disorders associated with inflammation-related hyperthermia of the corresponding body parts.

  • After injury or surgery the oxygen and nutrient supply of the affected tissue is disturbed considerably
  • The metabolic speed is increased as the tissue is over warmed through inflammation of the affected area
  • The need for oxygen is therefore considerably higher as well

The consequences
The damaged area is no longer supplied with the necessary amount of oxygen needed for maintenance and regeneration. 
Due to this lack of oxygen:

  • Further cells die off
  • Liquid-binding proteins become free which lead to additional oedema formation
  • A vicious circle is started that leads to hypoxic damage

The medical requirement: Lower the oxygen need of the affected tissue.

The Therapeutic Response
The effect of Hilotherapy on the oxygen need

  • The oxygen requirement is clearly reduced
  • A reduction in temperature in the area of the affected body part by around 10ºC reduces the speed of the metabolism by 50%
  • The oxygen requirement is likewise reduced
  • So the amount of oxygen that reaches the injury is sufficient for regeneration

The effect of Hilotherapy on the removal of pollutants

  • In order to guarantee the transportation of pollutants through lymphatic drainage, the temperature if the tissue must also be reduced
  • It is of particular importance however that it is not reduced below 15ºC otherwise lymphatic drainage is hampered.

Condition for the possibility to promote healing process:

Precisely controlled temperature

  • Below +15ºC the lymphatic drainage is disturbed
  • Below +10ºC the metabolism and lymphatic drainage is disturbed
  • Below +5ºC the nerves cease to transmit impulses

By using Hilotherapy the positive benefits of cooling, including reduced recovery time, can be achieved whilst avoiding temperatures that can obstruct healing. It is the ability to control the temperature the treatment is administered at that is key to Hilotherapy’s effectiveness.